A Pie For Peter

This post is dedicated to our neighbour Peter.

Peter is a neighbour of ours here in Alberta, but interestingly, has vacationed several times on Pender Island. We’ve had many discussions about Pender as we pass each other in the neighbourhood, he is walking his dog, we are walking our kids (the dog is WAY more obedient I will add!). Well one day the topic of the bakery came up, which quickly turned to a discussion on how yummy the pies are. Now I love pies. Turns out  so does Peter, especially steak and kidney pie. Ever since we had the first pie discussion (yes, there has been more than one pie discussion!), every time I have a pie at the Pender Island Bakery I think of Peter.

steak & ale pie

This last trip out I just had to take a picture of a pie for Peter. Here it is! Sorry it isn’t steak and kidney, I’m more a steak and ale pie eater. Sorry it has a bit of a hole in the crust, I “accidentally” ate a bite (oops!) before I took the picture of the pie.


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