Paddling, painting and an unexpected turn of events

Today started as many of our Pender days do, breakfast, choose a beach to hang out on, and that is about it until suppertime rolls around. After waffles and bacon (expertly prepared by my husband!), we headed out to Grimmer Bay.

Grimmer Bay is a favorite spot of our children’s for wading and splashing as the shallow depths make for warm water. As we reached the edge of the shore we started spotting jellyfish after jellyfish. Jellyfish on the sand, jellyfish in the water, big ones, little ones, moon jellyfish everywhere . We quickly realized that splashing among the jellyfish sounded like a bad idea, had a quick discussion with the kids and decided to go with “Plan B” for the day…..kayaking.

20160703-230832.jpg Grimmer Bay

Our favorite spot for kayaking is Peter Cove South. We walk our boats down to the cove on kayak trollies, and usually spend the afternoon paddling about. This afternoon was much like any other with the family taking turns between paddling and enjoying the beach.



All was going well until about a half hour in, when all of a sudden there was a LOUD “BANG”. We all jumped. Was it a gun shot? A barbecue exploding? An unexplored mine (no one said our thoughts were logical!)? Nope. Turns out it was our kayak trolley . Yes, you read that right …….the kayak trolley. For some reason, and we have no idea why, the tire exploded. The temperature was mild at 20C, there was no weight on the trolley, it was only 7 or 8 months old, and the tire exploded. Now I could have easily lived with a flat tire, stuff happens, but look at this……

The exploding tire completely shattered the rim. Crazy. We couldn’t even find the missing parts, they must have flown. That is some explosion to cause that sort of damage.

Let’s face it, after the tire exploding everything else for the rest of the day was going to seem quite “normal”. We paddled, explored, and discussed just how we were going to get the boat, that went on the trolley, home ( now that the trolley wasn’t “working”). The plan was for our older sons to carry the small kayak home, while my husband pulled the other two boats.

This seemed like the perfect (A.K.A. “convenient”) time to do a quick paint, while our youngest two threw rocks and had driftwood sword fights.


By the time the painting was done, the boats were safely home. It should be interesting seeing if warranty on a kayak trolley covers “explosions”.


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3 Responses to Paddling, painting and an unexpected turn of events

  1. BuntyMcC says:

    Love the painting. Trolley fixed?

    • Deb says:

      Yes the trolley is fixed. Turned out it was the second one our paddling shop had seen do this. What we were told is that it was a misprint on the wheels for the needed tire pressure. We are up and running again…..but won’t be sitting near the trolley….just in case.

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