Welcome to Island Home. Our blog is about the challenges and joys of owning, renovating  and enjoying our vacation home in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. Owning a place nearly 1200 km from home, planning renovations from a distance, plus adding in the logistics of being on an island makes life quite interesting. We look forward to sharing our experiences of this fabulous location (and the house we hope to make fabulous one day!).

Want another blog to check out? I also blog on www.htheblog.wordpress.com , a blog of art, photography and some family adventures.

16 Responses to About

  1. petunia106 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation place with memories to be made along the way of your renovation and projects!

  2. Pender Island is beautiful. You picked a gem!

  3. Look forward to hearing more about your part of the world… 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    I too am in Alberta and just bought a home on Pender … now, gotta move some furniture!

    • Deb says:

      Where did you buy? We are down in Trincomali.

      We solved the furniture thing by doing Ikea. Filled the whole house, delivered to the door for about $3K.

  5. Dan says:

    Captains Cres

    • Deb says:

      Nice. You’ll be very close to disc golf.

      If you see a family with 5 kids aged 3-15, minivan with a blue kayak, come and say “hi”. There aren’t many big families on Pender. We might be out on the weekend, otherwise it will be at Christmas.

  6. HI Deb, thanks for visiting my blog. I am so grateful as it has lead me to this beautiful site! I too, have an affinity for the Gulf Islands, having spent many a happy time on Salt Spring. I think I might just have to get over to Pender………..The prairies have their beauty, but my spirit lives for this environment.

    • Deb says:

      Definitely check out Pender especially if you enjoy empty beaches and nature at its best.

      Thanks for popping over to see the blog.

  7. Palvi Joshi says:

    Hello I too enjoy your blog and will be visiting Pender for the first time Aug 26th for a few days and wanted an insider view on the hidden gems of the island

    • Deb says:

      Enjoy your time on Pender, it looks like the weather will be good.

      Which end of the island are you staying on? There are a lot of great ocean accesses and walks. If you like to do active things disc golf is fun and the 8th hole at the Pender Island golf course is amazing. Farmer’s Market is fun on Saturday, as is a trip to Nu to Yu. We also enjoy kayaking. You can catch a great sunset almost every night down at Thieves Bay. The Brook’s Point connector is a fabulous walk.

      If you see a big family with a white mini van or a blue kayak it is probably us.

      Have a great trip!

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