How quickly things change……

Pender Island, BCAfter the experience of the home inspection of the cabin in the woods we were a bit deflated. The search was starting to get old. We had been looking for months, read through hundreds upon hundreds of real estate listings, and nothing came close to being the property for us. Were we too fussy? I’m not sure. A small place was fine with us, but we did want a place that was safe and structurally sound, and not a money pit.

We kept watching the new properties as they came up on the internet, but not a single new listing caught our interest.  We also looked into older listings, houses that had been on the market for many months, some even years, but they needed so much work and money that it wasn’t a sensible investment.

By May we were getting restless. We decided to expand our search to include the other Gulf Islands, as well as islands close to Vancouver. We found a place on Gambier Island, but decided an island without a car ferry was maybe in issue with having five children. How would we ever get five children, plus luggage, plus groceries (a lot of groceries!) from the water taxi dock to the house? We checked into a couple of houses on the island of Mayne. One was a log home that was rotting out, another was a cute little home with an unofficial septic system installed by a friend. Neither of these places sounded like a good idea….okay, to be honest, they sounded scary.

It was now June. We were so done with the house search. I told my husband that if we had not found a place by July 8th that I was abandoning the project. I had no intention of wasting my summer staring at properties on-line. The possibility of finding a place looked pretty grim.

Pender Island, BCFather’s Day came. Through a series of unexpected events we spent the occasion at home. Usually Father’s Day is spent out at the cabin, hanging out with the family, and maybe going for a hike. I sat down to my computer just after lunch. An email had just come in from the realtor we were dealing with on Pender Island. My husband is the next room over from me, hears a double thump of the computer mouse (a weird habit I evidently have when I am thinking…according to my husband), followed by me saying “Howard, Howard, Howard……”. My husband comes to see what was up. We were weeks away from my deadline to stop the search, I was done with looking for houses, and along came an email that could be a game changer. The email read like this:

“Hi guys,

Sorry to do this to you, but my colleague is about to list a property today  ………………  this is essentially a fire-sale at this price…………………… This is a great opportunity, but I doubt this place will be around for long at this price. “

My husband looks over my shoulder and says “It’s too much money.” I point out to him that he is looking at the old listing and to look down at the bottom of the page for the current listing price. This was met with “Oh!”

It was a cracking house from the pictures. Bigger than we wanted, but I guess we do have five children so maybe a little extra space isn’t such a bad thing. The garden looked brilliant. Location looked good (from what one can tell from searching it online…Google Earth was a little fuzzy). So what do we do? We were stuck at home until at least the beginning of July. My husband was busy with work. Our oldest son was writing finals. We couldn’t go out to look at the place for at least a couple of weeks, but by then it would be gone at this price.

We did the only thing that made sense. We went golfing.

(where else is a better place to think!)

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