Decisions Made On The Golf Course

golf So here we are. Kids have been dropped off at the grandparents (Happy Fathers Day Grandpa!!!) Clubs are in the van. Off we head to the golf course, paperwork for the house listing in hand.

The conversation on the golf course went something like this:

“Should we fly out and look at it?”
followed by
“What if it is gone before we get there?”

“Should we just go for it?”
followed by
“It’s a lot of money to spend without seeing the house.”

“Do you think they will take less than asking?”
followed by
“But it’s a really good price.”
followed by
“But I have to get a deal” (That is me speaking by the way!)

So we continued to hit the ball….and chase the ball….and by the time we had played the last hole the decision was made. We were going to go for the house. We were going to put in an offer. We were going to do it without seeing the house. Sometimes in life you just have to go for it.

As we were walking across the parking lot my husband was on the phone to the real estate agent. We told our realtor we were going to put in an offer. We gave him the price we were offering. He said he would do up the paperwork and email it to us. Our realtor did have one request though, he wanted to do a video of the house for us to see before we signed the final paperwork. The video would be done and YouTubed to us the next day.
Island HomeWe anxiously awaited the video. We checked our email every few minutes. Eventually the email, with the video arrived. The house was better than expected. We signed the paperwork and faxed it off. A clean offer, no conditions, no inspections, we wanted the house, it was “the one”. After a little niggling over the price we came to an agreement. By 11:00 am on Tuesday it was a done deal.

In less than 48 hours we had seen the house’s listing and bought the house…..but not seen the house.

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