Port Browning, pub food and knitting


Yesterday, after spending a much longer time kayaking than expected, we decided the best option for supper was to pick up dinner at the Port Browning Pub. As we have children, we always get a take-out and then eat on the beach. While waiting for the food to be ready, I decided to do a few location shots of a few cuffs I had just completed for http://www.handmade-canada.com . The marina background seemed perfect for these west coast inspired cuffs.

During our wait, we were also treated to watching a mother bird flying back and forth to her nest, feeding a nest full of babies.

Once the food was ready, we made the short walk to the beach. We settled ourselves on the driftwood, opened our food containers to discover a huge meal. While I chose a fried chicken sandwich, my husband chose fish and chips (of course). The food was AMAZING! The pub was recently sold and this was our first meal since it having new owners, let’s just say we will definitely be enjoying another meal from the pub soon.

And of course the scenery we enjoyed as we ate was spectacular.



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