A View That Amuses Us

The view from Plumper Way, Pender Island, BC, Canada.

The view from Plumper Way, Pender Island, BC, Canada.

This is a view that amuses us. An “in” joke. The view is quite lovely but every time we walk past it we jokingly make mocking remarks.

You see there is a story. One Easter week, way back before we owned on the island, we had made a hurried trip over the Rockies to see a property that we thought was “the one” (it wasn’t!). As we were on the island we also decided to look at building lots as the thought of building from scratch was also in mind. There was a lot on Plumper Way, so we decided to drive and take a look. The kids were cranky and hungry, and we were tired and fed up, but we went for a look anyway. Our hearts weren’t in it. We looked at the lot and shrugged (it is STILL for sale) and carried on down the road. We passed this spot and my husband said “Do you want to take a picture?”. I humored him, took two shots and off we went unimpressed.

Back at home I downloaded the pictures from the trip and came across a picture of this view. My husband asked where it was taken, I shrugged and said “I don’t know, just a random view.” and then deleted the photo.

Fast forward a few months and a house came up on the market that we literally bought on-line (never seeing it in person or knowing the neighborhood other than Google Earth). We had to follow our GPS to find the house after we had bought it when we met the realtor to get the keys. You can only imagine the surprise we had the first time we went for a walk in the neighborhood to find this “random view” that I deleted, as it was unimportant, was maybe a 2 minute walk from our house.

Life is funny at times, and every time we walk past this spot we are completely amused.

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2 Responses to A View That Amuses Us

  1. so you could almost say the view and house chose you …………….

    • Deb says:

      We have often said that there was some divine intervention with getting that house. It is an amazing and beautiful house that was sold off super cheap and is just perfect for our family. We are always saying”how did we get this house?”.

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