A Picture and a Painting – Roe Islet, Pender Island (BC, Canada)

This post will be a little different. I never quite know where to put posts that involve painting. My blog www.debrahunter.wordpress.com is my serious art and photography blog,  so it would be the natural place to post a painting. On my other blog, www.htheblog.wordpress.com , I like to show the process of art and craft. In this case, however, as the painting is of Pender Island, I thought it would be nice to share here as well. (I apologize to anyone who follows all the blogs if the posts are repetitive, thank goodness my other blog is completely unrelated!)

view through the trees photo_3512 aI thought it would be fun to do a “shoot it, paint it” post. This is the photograph that inspired the painting. It is taken on the north side of Roe Islet, looking to the north-east. It was the shape of the trees that first caught my eye.

blog view through the trees 2014 11x14The painting inspired by the photograph is “View Through the Trees”. It was fun working with the trees’ shapes, plus playing with color. It was a fun view to explore. I have to admit I like the painting more than the photograph.

Photography, painting and art by Debra Hunter.

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