Posts, Paddling and Painting on Pender

Another busy Pender Island day.

The best part of the day was spent building the fence. A slow job of dismantling the old one, installing new posts and stringers , and reboarding the fence. Add to the scenario the fact that we are digging the post holes into an island formed of rock and riddled with tree roots, and it makes the process more of a challenge.

Mid afternoon we managed to pull ourselves away from fence building and go for a kayak. We went to our neighbourhood beach, Peter Cove South, which is an easy location to launch kayaks. It was much colder and windier than yesterday, but still, we are kayaking in Canada in February.

Peter Cove South also presented some lovely views looking out to where the sea opens up.

Peter Cove South, Pender Island, BC, Canada
Just before heading home I managed a small watercolour of the cove, painted wearing gloves, as the wind was cold enough to freeze the paint on my palette.

Art and photography by Debra Hunter.




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