Gowlland Point Views – South Pender Island, BC, Canada

blog gowlland _3688 aIt has been ages since we have gone down to the beach at Gowlland Point. The last time, in fact, was August. It seems we usually go to Craddock or Drummond as they are rarely busy, or we go to Brooks Point as it is simply awesome. Now I must qualify our family’s idea of “busy”, which is more than four people on the beach. Yes, I admit we have become “beach snobs”…we like having beaches to ourselves.

blog gowlland_3626On this afternoon we did have the beach to ourselves. We were able to enjoy warm sunshine and blue skies even though it was winter.

blog gowlland_3621 aThe view of Mount Baker was amazing. On a clear day it always stops us in our tracks.

blog gowlland_3706aThe craggy rocks showed themselves more as it was low tide. We were also treated to a viewing of a couple of eagles perching on the trees that cling to the cliff’s side.

blog gowlland_3695a

The huge rock is always a focal point. Every visit our children climb up on it to get a better view……but on a sunny day there is no such thing as a “better view” as the scenery in every direction is stunning.


Photography by Debra Hunter







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2 Responses to Gowlland Point Views – South Pender Island, BC, Canada

  1. Wonderful landscapes.

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