Roe Islet Trees – Pender Island, BC, Canada

blog roe islet_1397Roe Islet has some amazing trees. They twist and bend, and cling to the edge of the islet leaning over the sea.

blog roe islet_1462 aOver the last few months I have photographed many of Roe Islet’s trees with an aim to use them as subject matter for paintings. A hand full of paintings have been completed, some very tiny (4″x6″), with the largest to date being 24″x24″.

blog roe islet_1465 aI’ve been getting a feel for the trees. Looking at the shapes and the shadows and how the color changes with different light.

blog roe islet_1467 aThe low warm light on this January afternoon made for rich and lively colors, with the red tones being more pronounced. The lack of leaves allows you to see the tangle of branches, and the confusion they have in knowing which direction to grow.

blog roe islet_1451 aI’ll share some paintings soon, paintings inspired by these trees. Some paintings still need photographing, some are waiting for the files to be color balanced, while others still need a name (the hardest part). Once that is done, I can paint more trees!

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2 Responses to Roe Islet Trees – Pender Island, BC, Canada

  1. abnbc says:

    Those are truly beautiful photos of Roe Islet which is a very special place on Pender Island. I’m really looking forward to seeing your paintings.

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