Beach Painting at Dusk

Perhaps not the best day for painting, the wind was blowing, temperatures cold, and the light was failing. Still, I opted to record this scene from Hamilton Beach (Pender Island, BC, Canada) with a quick watercolour painted from the warmth of our vehicle. 

I figure it is still better to paint for a few minutes and see what happens, rather than not paint at all.

This small 5″x7″ watercolour was painted at Hamilton Beach on Pender Island. As you can imagine the boats shifted, as did the light, so the watercolour is more an idea of what I saw.

 I managed to get the basic shapes down before the light faded, and then chose to add a bit of ink at home.

 I’ve gone back to watercolour for en plein air work rather than acrylic or oils; it is just so much more portable. The colors aren’t as punchy, and of course there is no texture, but watercolours fit in my backpack. This little piece was completed with a miniature watercolour set and water brushes; a very minimalist set up. Sometimes you have to make compromises. I just find when painting on location, for me, less equipment is best.




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