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I often receive emails from people who have discovered this blog while looking for information on Pender Island. Some people are looking to visit, some to buy a vacation property, and others are looking to move to the island full time. I love these emails and interactions, and the insight I can provide those emailing me. Up to this point I have mostly shared walks and beaches, but I have decided to start sharing some of the other businesses and places people coming to Pender should know about.

Penderosa Pizza is a new eating spot on Pender Island. Located at Medicine Beach Market, Penderosa Pizza is close to the Magic Lakes area of Pender, and not far from Port Browning for those boating in.

Our kids were so excited that Pender had a new pizza place, that we just had to try it. So the other day, after an afternoon on the beach, we had Pizza night.

We picked up a menu in advance so that we could ponder our choices. We decided upon three very different pizzas, “Spicy Ben”, “Cheesy Pender”, and the “Freakin Beagan ” that has yet to hit the menu officially but was recommended to my husband by Wheatie.

By the way, Wheatie and Ben are the guys behind Penderosa Pizza. Super friendly guys, who are passionate about what they do, and make a pretty awesome pizza.

Speaking of awesome pizza, here is the pizza we had:

Freakin Beagan – a pizza with pears! Sweet and savoury all in one. Really, really nice.

Spicy Ben – lots of flavour with a nice kick from the jalapeños

Cheesy Pender- super cheesy, the kids called it the best cheese pizza they ever had

Penderosa Pizza is a great addition to our island. I’m looking forward to our next pizza night.

Here are their details:

Penderosa Pizza Limited 

5827 B Schooner Way, Pender Island, BC, V0N 2M2








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