Fried Egg Jellyfish – Peter Cove South

blog fried egg jellyfish_RIMG1928 a

A few weeks ago one of our favorite coves became home to many jellyfish. There were Moon Jellyfish and Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, but the most impressive were the Fried Egg Jellyfish.

blog fried egg jellyfish_RIMG1947 a

From the kayak we watched them surface and dive, and move magically through the water.

blog fried egg jellyfish_RIMG1917 a

They are constantly changing shape, sometimes taking the classic jellyfish shape and then suddenly seeming to be formless.

blog fried egg jellyfish_RIMG1949 a

Taking the images with an underwater camera allows for a different view compared to what you see from the water’s surface. It also becomes a bit of a game gauging just how close to get to the tentacles as I am not that keen at risking being stung. It is amazing just how far the tentacles stretch.

blog fried egg jellyfish_RIMG1923 a

For more information on Fried Egg Jellyfish, HERE is a link to the Wikipedia page for the Fried Egg Jellyfish.

Photography by Debra Hunter







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