Orca Sighting

blog orcas august 2016_4193

On Sunday we were treated to quite the sight as we traveled through the Gulf Islands by ferry. As we sailed near Galiano, three orca whales, two adults and one younger whale, swam off the coast of the island.

The whale watching boats hovered nearby, while the ferry slowed giving all on board a wonderful view .

blog orcas aug 2016_4201 color

It is always interesting the order in which you see whales. First it is the whale watching boats all lingering in one location (or traveling at warp speed all in the same direction). Next it is the spray. Finally it is spotting the dorsal fins. Only on one occasion a few years ago did this pattern differ, when on a cold grey day we actually heard whales before seeing them, as did many locals living nearby. That was very unusual.

blog orcas off galiano_4168 color

Viewing any sea life is always amazing, but the opportunity to sit and watch whales as they swim through the sea is a special and memorable experience.





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