The 2016 Vegetable Garden

Being an absentee gardener is always a challenge. You never seem to be around at the right time to ward off pests or water the garden. Each year we learn a little more about what works and what doesn’t, and sometimes one year’s great success is the next year’s disaster. Here is how this year’s garden looks:

The garlic grew with some success. The bulbs, however, were quite small. This is the first year growing garlic on the coast. Next year I will remember to cut the scapes and hopefully this will increase the size of the garlic bulbs. I may also look for other garlic varieties to try.

The large growing bed is a mixed success. The kale is growing wonderfully; we know it is one of those plants that seems to do well all over the island so we will replant kale again.

The zucchini is growing well and blossoming , yet we have no actual fruit; I have read this may be due to not having enough bees pollinating them. Perhaps I should plant flowers in this bed next year beside the zucchini.

The cucumbers are still small plants with a few blossoms, I don’t think they will be successful by summer’s end.

The carrots seem a little on the spindly side , as with other years. I will thin them out a bit and check back in a month.

The beets seem a bit stronger. Again I will thin and wait.

Lettuce grew well, but we were not on the island to enjoy it in its prime.


The potatoes seem to be struggling. This is the potato raised bed where there is still some hope. Meanwhile our garden area where we planted potatoes in the ground turned to concrete in the hot sun . Three weeks ago it was thriving, now there is nothing left. I may dig down in hopes of finding a few potatoes. I will have to plan how to approach this problem for next year, last year we had great success.

Also (not shown) is our chard. It is still quite small. I am having the same problems in Alberta, so perhaps it is the seed.

Our apple trees have again struggled. I have been reading up and think I may have to put a watering system on them early in the season. It seems the blossoms and apples dry up and fall off.

So another “hit and miss” year.

For next year I need to work on a watering system, the potato area, add in flowers to attract bees, and perhaps try starting plants in advance rather than from seed. At least I have a plan for next year.

And in the meantime, I might just plant another batch of lettuce for micro greens.

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3 Responses to The 2016 Vegetable Garden

  1. salpal1 says:

    I think you have done pretty well for not being there all the time. yes, water is important, and I guess we can’t count on rain any more…

    • Deb says:

      Thanks for the comment. I am pondering my watering options. I can see this might become my new obsession plotting pumps and water collection systems. In the end the outcome of the garden was a little better than expected, I found some potatoes in the hardened ground, and divider onions hidden in a bed that I thought was empty. Life is always a learning experience.

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