Baby Apples, Blogging, and Being Busy

blog baby apples _ 9487

Blogging here on Island Home Blog has been pretty patchy recently. It isn’t a shortage of time on the island, as so far we have managed to spend part of each of the first five months of the year out on Pender, it is probably because we are spending more and more time there. Logically it would make sense to blog out on the island, but we made a decision not to have internet at our place out there. Every now and then we pop down to the liquor store for Wi-Fi to post an Instagram or two, but that is about it.

Between driving back and forth to the coast, plus another land search just into British Columbia, we are spending a lot of time back and forth on the Trans Canada Highway. Now anyone who has driven this road knows this is no hardship as the stretch we are driving is amazing world class scenery. However it has cut into blogging time (but been a lot of fun!).

I finally had a chance to download some of the thousands of images taken over the last few months, and thought it was time to do some sharing. So I thought I would start with our apple trees.

This is year three for our apple trees. The first year they did fairly well and produced a handful of apples. The second year was a bust. Something happened early in the spring, maybe wind or drought, resulting no apples come summer and fall. This year, fingers crossed, looks like we will again have a handful from one tree and a couple from the other tree. While that doesn’t sound amazing, I have to admit I am quite thrilled because I wasn’t sure we had another tree in our area for the second tree to pollinate with. Now I know we do….great news.

blog baby apples - 9483

We also moved our strawberries from the raised beds where they never really thrived to the base of the apple trees. For the first time ever they bloomed, so another small success.

We’ve built more raised beds this year for vegetables. It is just easier to build raised beds compared to digging into the rocky ground. Last year we were able to eat chard from the garden year round which was amazing. We have just put in a small attempt at a watering system from our water collection tank, and if it works I can see an expansion of even more raised beds.

The climate is one of the things we love about Pender. Long growing seasons and winter gardening can’t be beat. Each year we learn more about what grows in the climate and have a bit more success.







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