Vancouver Afternoon

Often on our way to the island we are left with pockets of time to fill due to the ferry schedule. We used to get the first boat off the mainland and then spend quite a bit of time waiting at the ferry terminals for connections and on the boat sailing from Tsawassen to Swartz and then Swartz to Pender. The full day was pretty much travel, and it was starting to be a bit boring. In the last few months we have changed the pattern, spent the day in Vancouver , and then have taken the late direct ferry to Pender Island.

Today we grocery shopped in New Westminster, enjoyed the city vibe of Gastown, and then went on to Stanley Park. Even on a grey day the views in the park are beautiful .




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6 Responses to Vancouver Afternoon

  1. vancouver looks beautiful

  2. Stanley park was where I saw my first black squirrels and my first racoon, as I remember it’s a nice park, your new routine sounds less stressful, I would wait for a direct ferry, have you been to the Chinese garden in Vancouver? assuming it’s still there, the art gallery is nice with a nice cafe, or it was in the 1990s when I was there, Frances

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