Remembering Summer

Bricky Bay, Pender Island, BC, Canada

Bricky Bay, Pender Island, BC, Canada

Today I needed a horizontal image with tons of room to crop. As I sifted through files I came across thousands upon thousands of Pender Island pictures taken this year that have yet to even be looked at. Life gets busy, you say “I’ll get to the pictures when I have a moment.”, and then life gets busier again. So tonight, while looking for a file that would work, I had a chance to remember summer.

I also should probably make a plan to look through the images from the past year, and perhaps even edit. It is a big job though, over the last few years I have averaged shooting around 50,000 images a year………and that also explains how I fill up hard drives!

So here’s to remembering summer, and perhaps I will share a few summer flashbacks in the posts to come.

Photography by Debra Hunter (this blog)

and also on Instagram at @hunterphotographics, @debramhunter and @handmadeincanada

plus on Facebook too (Debra Hunter-art, Hunter Photographics, and Handmade in Canada)

…….lots of social media for those long cold winter nights!






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