Wind and Fences

Our plan for our December time on the island was to kick back and relax after an incredibly stressful couple of months back in Alberta. Evidently the weather had different plans for us, and in a windstorm down came a portion of the fence.

There is nothing fun about building a fence on an island made of rock and covered with decades (or centuries) of growth. Digging is slow hitting rock after rock and root after root. Trying to figure out how this fence is supposed to weave between the huge trees is another challenge.

A few hours later we had two posts in. This is not going to be a fast project.

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3 Responses to Wind and Fences

  1. hmm, I know exactly what you mean Deb, I don’t have the trees, though I do have wet peaty soil which can be like putting posts in a bog! very stony/rocky shallow soil too, I don’t know what type of fence you had but if you are prone to strong winds then I would advise not to put a solid fence but one with gaps to filter the wind, it stands a better chance of staying up and apparently is better for the garden, if you need to keep wildlife out I have found chicken wire best, it’s doesn’t look great though from a distance it does show, however, the gaps between the wire are small enough for most wildlife to not penetrate and the wind pasts through, good luck,
    wishing you and your family a very happy new year, Frances

    • Deb says:

      Hi Frances, I think what brought down the fence was probably a branch blown down. My guess is it landed on the neighbouring property but we aren’t seeing it due to the heavy growth. We had a branch come down last year and it was 20-30 feet long….. a branch. Usually the wind is up high, we rarely feel it in the yard, but wind and massive trees are an interesting mix. We have thought about the wire fencing too. For now, while it is wet, we are trying to get the posts in , in summer we won’t have any hope.

  2. wildsherkin says:

    Happy New year Deb. Px

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