Boundary Pass – A Painting And A View

Today’s post is again another “a view and a painting” post. I find this is an interesting approach as I am able to share a view and the art it inspires.

This is the view from the Boundary Pass beach access. We always think of Boundary Pass as being on the cold side of the island as the beaches are in the shade in the afternoon. However its positioning this afternoon worked to its advantage, and it was one of the few beaches where the strong wind was blocked.

I didn’t hold much hope for painting thinking that the wind would be an obstacle. We had already tried a few other locations. So I took a tiny 4 inch by 5 inch canvas down to the beach and honestly didn’t expect to have much of a result. I was pleasantly surprised . Working small is a challenge, but it is quite interesting to see a big scene squeezed into 20 square inches. (Hopefully the painting will look fine in this post. It is being posted from my phone so you never quite know what the end result will look like.)

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