Soft Smoke and Rural Charm

blog_clam bay farm_1973This evening I have been sifting through a few images from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been looking for images with soft light as inspiration for a painting.

One evening we were out for an evening drive, it was a quiet night where it seemed as if no other people were even on the island, and we came across this beautiful rural scene. Pink thistle, vineyards, a classic barn and soft light and haze created by distant forest fires.

blog_clam bay farm_1967It was worth venturing into the prickly ditches to take these images of Clam Bay Farm, a farm originally established in 1874. Even as I shot I knew I would look to these images as being inspiration for a future painting, or perhaps a couple of paintings, as the rows of grapevines also seem to call out to be interpreted in paint.

blog_clam bay farm_1993

Photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, AB and Pender Island, BC, Canada





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