Back From The Coast

blog beach rocks 1 8x10 borderWe are back from the coast. In actual fact we have been back for almost two weeks. Life has been busy with a few time consuming jobs, children off school, and life in general.

Before our most recent trip I received an interesting message from a long time islander. It provided lots of insight into the island’s past, but also provided what I took as advice. To make a long story short, the advice I took from the message was to keep your head down and just enjoy the island for what you want…..which is exactly what we did.

I will admit we had a great time on the island. Maybe isolating ourselves to the furthest corner of North Pender is the key to happiness. We kayaked in the cove a few minutes from home. We gardened for hours. We barbequed in the back yard. We ventured to a few places here and there, but the bulk of our time was spent in our neighbourhood or on other beaches once Pender had “gone to bed”.

There was wisdom in the note I received, and it made us approach the island differently.


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