Day Trip and Books

Victoria is a short 40 minute ferry ride from the island. The city has a ton of tourist trappings, but once you get past the buskers, bus tours and tacky tourist shops there is a gem hidden…….Munro’s .

Munro’s is a proper book store, which is a rare find anymore. A peaceful environment filled with great book after great book including tons of local authors and books based on local interest and history .

As our kids walked into the store you could almost hear them gasp. Real architecture, classical music and books everywhere . The children’s section had them spoilt for choice. What an experience . We can’t wait for our next visit.


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4 Responses to Day Trip and Books

  1. I loved Munro’s when I was working in Victoria and spent a lot of time there, still have the books that came home with me and the book marks they give with them, so nice to read it is still there and still independent, so many good book shops get taken over by the chain stores, lovely to hear you and your family enjoyed it, Frances

    • Deb says:

      It is amazing how many people love Munro’s. It also reminds me of what Waterstone’s was like in Liverpool when we lived there. There is nothing better than a classic book store. It makes you wonder how chain stores have morphed into stores more focused on selling coffee and cheap rubbishy trinkets with books as a sideline (yes, I am talking about Chapters/Indigo !).

  2. Linda Cote says:

    I love Munros!! I haven’t been for a long time but it’s is a lovely spot for sure!

  3. This is an amazing store. I didn’t want to leave!! I could almost live there also the amazing knitting store not too far. I am thinking Victoria is my destiny! 🙂

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