Green Flowers

blog green flowers_3000aWell I just about posted a “green” post up before the end of St. Patrick’s Day. I was hoping to have these bright and breezy green colored flowers up first thing this morning and then THIS happened. Anyways a 58 minute rubbish phone call with the Chrysler “care” (gag) rep, two anti-Dodge/Chrysler blog posts and a satirical cartoon later I finally have a chance to post my flowers.

blog green flowers_3008aI follow a Facebook garden group and a member identified it as a spurge. I’ve put a link for anyone interested. I am happy to know that this is a spurge as I bought a few different varieties a few weeks ago and planted them at the front of our house. I will have to share those pictures soon, they don’t look much at the moment but they will grow.

I am now no longer fussy with plants. At times the Gulf Islands climate baffles me, so if a plant is deer resistant and drought resistant I will learn to love it.

If anyone wants to share some great deer and drought resistant plants please do. I need all the help I can get.


Photography by Debra Hunter










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2 Responses to Green Flowers

  1. taphian says:

    Yes, it’s sometimes called pencil milk bush. If you break a piece some sort of “milk” is coming out and it’s poisonous. We have it in our garden, too.

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