Through the Forest – Roe Islet, Pender Island (BC, Canada)

blog roe islet_1335 a

Roe Islet never fails to amaze me. It has wonderful views of the sea, that is for sure, but the forest also provides beautiful and scenic areas.

blog roe islet_1346

Today I was going through my Roe Islet images from earlier in the year. As I had finished a painting this morning, I was looking for images and inspiration for the next painting. The painting that has just been completed included distant sea views so I thought I would focus on a forest painting as the next project.

blog roe islet_1302 a

I quite like the look of the “walk through the forest”. The path creates a sense of perspective and depth. The question is, which image should I use? All the images are beautiful in their own way, perhaps they will all eventually become inspiration for a painting.

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