The First Daffodils of Spring

blog daffodils _2964 aMost of Canada is still stuck in the depths of winter, however out in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia spring is in full swing.

blog daffodils _2995 aThis past weekend of warm temperatures sent spring flowers into bloom. Each day more and more daffodils opened up, filling our garden with life.

blog daffodils _2997 aWithin a few weeks our flower beds will be full of these yellow blooms that thrive in the rain of a west coast spring.

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4 Responses to The First Daffodils of Spring

  1. salpal1 says:

    Thank you for this sign of hope! In the mildest of winters we would still have two months before we see our daffies, but this year, it might be July. So I am glad to see that they still exist, and I can draw hope for them coming up someday….

  2. Deb that’s a beautiful daffodil with with the white frill and yellow trumpet, Frances

    • Deb says:

      They are pretty, aren’t they? Out on the coast we have a huge range of daffodils, they should be very showy by Easter. For some reason they refuse to grow in my garden in Alberta.

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