Wet and Misty at Magic Lake – Pender Island, BC, Canada

blog magic lake 1

I’ve been a little slow on putting up posts on “Island Home” recently. Truth be known I went on a little shooting spree on Pender at the beginning of the year only to realize I have shot over 2000 images of Pender in 2015. Going through the images is going to take a little time.

We had a few coldish days at the beginning of 2015, so cold that there was ice on Magic Lake. Driving past the lake en route to get a yummy “Island Fog” at Slow Coast Coffee I just had to stop to take a few pictures of the cold and misty lake.

My husband and I love days like this, they remind us of winter in England. We say ” it feels like England” or “it smells like England” so often that I think our children now roll their eyes when we say it.

blog magic lake 3

The dock was still in place from the New Year’s Eve celebrations. It is always fun to walk a dock for a slightly different view of a lake.

blog magic lake 2

The gray foggy day has a beauty of its own. It is still and quiet….and perhaps a little wet….but that just makes the cup of tea taste better.


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Photographer, artist and artisan splitting time between Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Check out my new project at www.handmade-canada.com , a site for Canadian handmades and art.
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