Work Day – window trim

Today was the day to tackle working on the house. Work on the master bath has been taking a while. As the work was started by the previous owner, we are constantly guessing what they were thinking in order to be able to finish off the work.

I finally finished tiling the tub in the summer, and now we are on to the window trim. Right now we are focusing on the pieces of trim that face the insides of the windows.

The pieces were cut weeks ago, but we didn’t label them, so first we had to put the trim in place and then label the wall and label the backs of the trim.

Then it was time to prime. It is slow going as it seems to take ages for the paint to dry. I am guessing the combination of humidity and a cooler house is the cause of the slow drying paint.

By the end of today two coats of primer on one side had been completed. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we can flip the boards and keep going.

I am starting to see why this house was never finished, nothing goes quickly.

I am literally watching paint dry.

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2 Responses to Work Day – window trim

  1. slowly but surely you will get there Deb, of course juggling the wants and needs of 3 houses must slow you down a bit 😉 I find one more than enough but I am just one person doing the work, wishing you and your family a happy new year and good luck with all projects in 2015, Frances

    • Deb says:

      Juggling the projects around the family is the biggest challenge . It is hard to get anything done without interruptions. I have mentioned to my husband that maybe the way to get it finished once and for all is for me to spend a couple of weeks on my own just working on the place….but then there would be the “home” logistics to work out.

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