Disappointing But Not Surprising – Port Browning & Hamilton Beach, Pender Island, BC, Canada

Today we pulled up to Hamilton Beach, near Port Browning on Pender Island. We thought we would give it one last try hoping it would be cleaner with fewer tourists on the island in the middle of winter.

As we parked our vehicle we noticed an Alberta “rig pig” truck . Being from Alberta we recognize them readily (style of truck plus the Alberta plates make it pretty easy, plus the dress of the driver). We knew it wouldn’t bode well. The driver walked up the path to the “camping area” where a camp fire was obviously blazing due to the massive quantity of smoke billowing into the air.

As the kids were already out of the van we decided to walk the beach.

Big mistake. Food had been thrown on the beach instead of being disposed of properly.


Dog poop everywhere, and left behind beer cans.

Just disgusting.
Hamilton Beach is always the worst beach on Pender Island. It seems to attract the most disrespectful types. Perhaps it is the types of “campers” it attracts, due to the beach side campground at the Port Browning Resort. Perhaps the resort needs to encourage its campers to even be slightly respectful of the beach and the sea. All I know is that this beach is consistently disgusting and revolting thanks to the disrespectful “campers”.

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5 Responses to Disappointing But Not Surprising – Port Browning & Hamilton Beach, Pender Island, BC, Canada

    • Deb says:

      It is bad. It also makes me think that there should be bylaws where businesses within 100m of natural areas should be responsible for the cleanliness of the natural areas. If they are using the location to profit they should also be responsible in protecting it. (Stepping off soap box!LOL!?)

  1. so sad, on another note, glad you are getting some island time, Frances

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