The Buildings of Roesland in Black and White

blog roesland_3415 bwThis post again explores the area of Roe Islet and Roesland on Pender Island (BC, Canada). It is a theme that has been popping up recently since I have been going through images of the area choosing painting subjects.

The first (rather rushed) painting caught my interest and since then I have painted two more arbutus based paintings. I will share them in a future post, I just need to shoot them in the studio, but they are much nicer than the first.

This evening I was going through the images taken a couple of weeks ago and I came across images featuring buildings at Roesland. The historical building are simple, straightforward and functional.

blog roesland_3410 bwThis is also the site of the Pender Islands Museum. Visiting the museum is still on our “to do” list. It seems as if we always visit the area on the wrong day or too late in the day, one day we will just have to actually plan to visit the museum.

blog roesland_3419 bwThe old cabin has amazing charm. It is perched in the grassy field just above the beach. Old apple trees dot the area and this past year we saw a couple of deer on many occasions casually roaming the area.

blog roesland_3635 bw

It is quite wonderful that these remnants of the past have been preserved and remain.

It is quite a contrast looking at the historical buildings of the past compared to the million dollar ocean front “homes” of present day.

I have to admit, personally the little basic cabin looks a lot more appealing than 3000 square feet of concrete and glass with trees ripped out to achieve the million dollar view. But this is perhaps a discussion for another day.

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1 Response to The Buildings of Roesland in Black and White

  1. lovely images Deb, I’m with you on the preferring the look of the older cabin, though I do like some mod cons if I were living in it, Frances

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