Whoo Goes There ?

owl - pender island, bc, canadaThis picture, as many pictures do, comes with a story.

One evening we were driving back to the house after a busy day on the beaches. The road to our place is a quiet and travels through patches of farmland and forest with houses dotted along the way. As there is so little traffic, you tend to notice the little things when you drive; sometimes it is a new farm stand, or a different wildflower in bloom, the little things. As we passed one property I said to my husband “Look at that gate they added a carving. It looked really realistic”. It is not unusual for properties on our island (Pender Island, BC, Canada) to have a little artsy decor, it is part of the island’s charm. 30 seconds later we decide to go back for a good look expecting to admire a finely whittled piece of wood. What we thought was a carving was in fact a perfectly posed owl at the top of the gate post. He sat there quite happily staring at us as we watched him. In the end it may not have been a carving, but it was certainly realistic!


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8 Responses to Whoo Goes There ?

  1. How beautiful, you must have been so happy when you took this photo! Have a great weekend, Johanna

  2. owloasis says:

    nice barred owl photo!

  3. What a treat! You must have been very pleased that you went back to investigate further!

  4. beautiful bird and photo Deb, I love it when animals observe us as well, Frances

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