A Close-up Look at Low Tide

One afternoon we arrived at Bridges Road Beach Access (Pender Island, BC, Canada) at low tide….well I should say VERY low tide. The tide was so low we saw parts of the beach that we didn’t know existed included huge rocks that are usually hidden under the waves.

Low tide is of course perfect for looking at small sea life and the wonders that live in the rock pools. Below are a few of my favorite finds.

(Please click on the images in the gallery to view them full size.)

Photography by Debra Hunter


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6 Responses to A Close-up Look at Low Tide

  1. Some of my favourite creatures (chiton, sea anemones) too Deb – great shots. It is good to see the starfish as parts of the BC’s coastline is suffering from a massive mysterious starfish die-off. In some areas of Howe Sound, just south of us, they have disappeared completely. This mystery extends down the coast to California. Right now the favoured opinion is that is caused by a pathogen but the source is unknown. Fukushima radiation has been ruled out.

    • Deb says:

      These pictures are from the trip before last. This last trip there were fewer starfish, actually a lot less sea life in general. The beaches seemed like a storm had come through so that may have been part of it.

      I always have my “Whelks to Whales” book nearby when we are on the coast to be able to figure out what I am looking at……chitons were a new discovery.

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