Cartwheels on the Beach

cartwheels on the beach

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2 Responses to Cartwheels on the Beach

  1. hmm, well Deb, the weather I’ve been having may water your veggies but your children would not be doing cart wheels or you painting or anything else much on the beach and your little one would still be wearing boots instead of normal shoes, I’d rather have the sun, warm and dry instead of winter in summer, Frances

    • Deb says:

      Very true. On Saturday we were hiking in the mountains and it was +34C. Yesterday I spent 5 hours planting fruit shrubs and weeding at the cabin and it was +27C. Even in that heat everything grows well up there because we get a decent amount of rain. My tomatoes hadn’t been watered in 3 weeks and they are doing the best of all our gardens.

      Let’s hope you get some sun soon.

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