Painting at Grimmer Bay

We just returned from one of our long stays on the island. Of course a “long stay” for us is 6 nights. As the weather was beautiful, and we had a little extra time, I managed to squeeze in a quick paint on the beach.

This painting clocked in at just under an hour. A small painting at 8 inches by 10 inches, and painted in acrylic.

Painting on location presents a whole set of challenges. The light shifts, the paint dries too fast, the tide comes in, and you have very little time to think about what you are doing. It is a whole different way of working and a lesson in being less controlling.

The painting is currently hanging in the Pender house. Perhaps next time out I’ll bring the piece back and shoot it in the studio as the only image I have at the moment of the painting was of it shot laying on the beach in the harsh sunlight.

By the way, Grimmer Bay (Pender Island, BC, Canada)  was a beautiful beach, I’ll share more images of this sandy beach in the future.



Painting by Debra Hunter

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2 Responses to Painting at Grimmer Bay

  1. it’s beautiful Deb, wish I could do half as well, Frances

    • Deb says:

      Thanks Frances. It looks better in person than on line.

      I just try to remind myself that it was only an hour painting and painted on location with my children running everywhere, screaming, splashing, throwing sand, tattling………I’ll look back and laugh some day.

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