Furry Friend on the Beach

Recently we were way down in South Pender. This sounds pretty silly when you consider the island is only 13 square miles in size, but because of our location we have to drive halfway up the island to cross the bridge from North Pender to South Pender, only to drive all the way back down and end up level with our house, but on a completely different island.

Gowlland Point, Pender Island

Gowlland Point, Pender Island

The twisty drive means that often one or two of the kids (sometimes more) end up asleep by the time we hit our destination. It isn’t a fast drive with the ups, and downs and ins and outs at a whopping 50km/hour.

On this particular day we had sleeping kids when we reached Gowlland Point so I went to take a look at the beach on my own. As I walked the quiet beach I noticed movement on the rocks to my left. Seeing something brown and furry, I decided to take a closer look.

Rocks at Gowlland Point, Pender Island.

The mink is in the very center of the picture if you look closely.

I managed to get halfway across the slimy rocks and get a few shots (with the wrong lens of course!) before the furry little guy ran off. After a little bit of research it seems to be a mink that I saw.

Mink at Gowlland PointIt turns out this wasn’t a one-off encounter. We also managed to see a mink at Medicine Beach complete with dinner in his mouth, but he was much too fast to be captured with a camera.

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2 Responses to Furry Friend on the Beach

  1. Pia says:

    Always the wrong lens… Not to mention the one time I managed to get really close to the flock of geese resting in a nearby field, morning light, very lovely – and then after a multitude of great shots realized I had no memory card in my camera…

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