Spring Daffodils

Daffodil season on Pender Island is stunning. Daffodils are one of the few flowers deer choose not to eat, so while my tulips have been eaten right down to the ground, the daffodils around our house flourish.

daffodils in front of our house

daffodils in front of our house

The lady who owned the house before us also enjoyed daffodils and had planted quite a few at the front of the house. These plants stand at least two feet high and are very well established.

daffodilsI added in a few different bulbs last year just to see if they would grow. For some reason I have no luck growing daffodils in Alberta but in British Columbia they seem to thrive.

flowers in the gardenThe white ones have been planted in the front flower bed. I like the change from yellow and hope the plants will grow larger as time goes on.

flowers in the plantersThis daffodil I planted in one of the planters on the back deck. I am still getting the hang of what grows in the planters as they are filled with perennials and bulbs that flower (and are eaten by deer and raccoons) throughout the summer.

DaffodilsI even managed to get a few flowers in the problem flowerbeds. In these beds I may have to think about replacing all the dirt as it is very difficult to get anything to grow in them. Perhaps starting fresh with a clean slate is the ticket.

flowers in the front yard

Daffodil season will soon be over, I can’t wait to see what will bloom next.




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4 Responses to Spring Daffodils

  1. beautiful Deb, so pleased for you that you have flowers in your garden at last, I think rabbits can be a pest but deer I know are much worse and racoons not much better, the daffodils that were already in the garden may be large clumps that would benefit from dividing, some of the daffodils here grow very tall I think it is the moisture and temperate climate they seem to like, Frances

    • Deb says:

      Hi Frances, do you divide the daffodils in the spring or in the fall? I might need to make some notes on what is happening in the garden so I can think about dividing up clumps.

  2. Deb I tried to leave this comment yesterday, I’m trying again, I hope it posts this time, I do both, I have so many I want/need to divide I have already started with some of the early flowering ones that had finished flowering, just cut the head off so they don’t waste energy making seed, be sure to leave the leaves until they die back as they build the bulb up for next years flowers, sometimes I haven’t managed to get them all planted so I put them in a cool place with a label to remind me what they are and plant when I get time, just need to get them in by the end of the year, good luck, Frances

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