Fun Cleaning Up The Beach

beach clean up starvation bay

Cleaning up on Starvation Bay.

On the Saturday before Earth Day a beach clean up was held on Pender Island. Volunteers took to the beaches clad in rubber gloves with garbage bags in hand, to tidy up the debris that had been swept on to the beaches all winter long.

beach clean up Our family, being big fans of having pristine beaches, and perhaps having the odd “environmentalist”moment,  joined in on the fun.

beach clean up

Cleaning up at Bedwell Drive Beach Access.

The first beach we cleaned had hardly any garbage. It is a beach that is very rocky and hard to access except at very low tides. The picture above was taken a couple of hours before a “very low tide” where we could just get down on the “beach”.

peter cove north

Peter Cove North, Pender Island, BC, Canada

We then moved on to another neighbourhood beach, Peter Cove North, as the kids were keen to do more beach clean up. Here we found a bit of garbage, mostly the type that had been washed up throughout the winter.

beach clean up

We still had a bit of time left before the garbage drop off time so we moved on to Starvation Bay. This is where we found a lot of garbage.

beach clean up

Beach clean up at Starvation Bay, Pender Island, BC, Canada.

Sadly this wasn’t the “washed in by the tide” type of debris, but rather the “dropped by thoughtless people” type of garbage. Clearly some people who frequent this beach were never taught to “leave only footprints”. It seemed that the worst garbage was in areas with oceanfront properties. Pretty sad, and a pretty good argument against waterfront development (but I will leave that little soap-box speech for another day!).

breaking up dock

Just when we were totally unimpressed with humans leaving garbage behind things got worse. We started finding styrofoam scattered across the beach. A lot of styrofoam. Little pieces, big pieces, all the way down the beach…….

breaking up dock….and then we found the culprit. An old dock was breaking apart with chunks of styrofoam breaking off and being flung across the beach with each tide. What a problem.

earth day button

Earth Day button

We finished the clean up, dropped off the garbage, and headed to the community centre for the volunteer lunch which happened to be the best chili EVER.

I hope we will be on the island for next year’s clean up.


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3 Responses to Fun Cleaning Up The Beach

  1. Good for you guys! Styrofoam is a real problem on the West Coast as it is used so much for dock floatation. Plastic is another culprit. Thanks for doing your bit.

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