Skunk Cabbage

Another blogger had recently brought up the topic of skunk cabbage. As I read her post it brought to mind an afternoon last spring involving very wet feet all for the sake of some photos of a group of skunk cabbage plants. I decided to look through last years files and revisit the pretty yellow flowers from last spring. They are quite eye-catching, aren’t they?

 (Please click on the images above to view them full size.)



About Deb

Photographer, artist and artisan splitting time between Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Check out my new project at , a site for Canadian handmades and art.
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2 Responses to Skunk Cabbage

  1. oh wow Deb, thanks these are the first photos I’ve seen of it growing in it’s native habitat, I hope the feet were soon dry and warm, the thing about wet climates is you need your wellies, Frances

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