Black and White at Gowlland Point – Pender Island, BC, Canada

I thought I would continue with the black and white theme of the previous post.

We often visit Brooks point (in the previous post) and Gowlland Point on the same days as they are so close to each other and the drive seems so long from our house. On a tiny island you’d say “How far can that drive really be?”. Fact is our house is on the furthest tip south of North Pender Island, which means to get to South Pender Island we literally have to drive half way up the island to cross the little one way bridge to then travel all the way down to the bottom of Pender Island. Add to the outing twisty roads, deer darting out and a speed limit of 50 km/h, and you tend to make sure you are going to spend the afternoon on South Pender. (The price of gas on the island also means you make “economical” trips….but that is another story!)

Here is Gowlland Point. Enjoy!

Gowlland Point, Pender Island

Gowlland Point, Pender Island

beach buildThe above picture of a driftwood creation has a bit of a story. Our children built this back in the fall. Each time we have gone back to the beach it has still been there, even months later. We find this remarkable.

This isn’t the first time we has witnessed how “untouched” Pender is. Last spring we were climbing on rocks that contain rock pools by our house when all of a sudden my daughter shouts out “I found my mitten!” My husband and I reply “Are you sure?”. She proudly held up a very dirty, but definitely hers, grandma-made mitten. Our next question was “When did you lose it?” knowing I had not seen the mitten in ages. Her reply, “I think Thanksgiving.”, which is in October here in Canada. Somehow this yellow mitten had sat for months and months on the rock, located just high enough to not be swept out with the tides. Wow. I just can’t imagine that happening anywhere else.



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5 Responses to Black and White at Gowlland Point – Pender Island, BC, Canada

  1. lovely photos Deb, I do not think there is any comparison between living in a very rural area especially when a bit isolated like an island, with the large or even small mainland towns etc. it was lucky the mitten was out of the wind,

    I can imagine how long a journey can take, even small islands are not as small as we first think and winding roads make for more miles/kilometers, single track roads can take even longer especially in the tourist season when there are more people about, the high price of fuel in the highlands and islands of Scotland is a topic of hot debate! Frances

    • Deb says:

      I smile every time I think of the mitten; I can’t think of anywhere else that could happen.

      How much are you paying per litre for petrol at the moment in your area?

      • I do not know Deb, I don’t have a car now, there has been some moves to even things out, if I remember correctly a subsidy was given to petrol stations so they could charge the mainland price and not be out of pocket for bringing the petrol over to the islands but there was a lot of outage as the price at the pump apparently didn’t go down, I honestly do not know what happened about it all, it seems to have become very ‘muddy’ and unclear, Frances

  2. Very dramatic pictures! I spent a week last summer on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland, because of the cost of bringing it over, everything in the shops costs twice as much! Either that, or they just say me coming!

    • Deb says:

      Thanks for having a look. I used to think the groceries on our little island were high priced, but in the last two years food prices at our main house in Alberta, Canada have risen so much that the gap in price is closing. I also notice a few price fluctuations between winter and the summer tourist season.

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