Cheery Splashes of Island Color

backyard flower

We have a ritual every time we reach our island home, my husband goes into the house and sorts out the water and power, while I survey the garden. First it is usually a walk around followed by quickly grabbing the camera to shoot all the new flowers and mushrooms and the progress in our veggie beds.

backyard flower

On Thursday the sun was shining, I called my husband at work and said “Want to head to the coast this weekend?” I fancied a break from the snow plus I get more artwork done out there in a weekend than I can get done in Alberta in a month. We chatted about how we could make it work, pull the kids from school and how we could make it in a four day span. Our quickest trip to date is 4 days and four hours there and back with two full days on the island; pretty good considering it is 1142 km one way and we have ferry connections to consider as well. Later that afternoon I decided to check Drive BC just to get a feel for driving conditions; the outlook wasn’t good. Another quick phone conversation with my husband and we decided bad roads weren’t worth the risk and that we would stay put in Alberta for the weekend.

backyard flower

Turns out we were right. When I woke up and checked my iPhone I saw the Trans Canada was closed in a section with no detours due to an avalanche. Mother Nature confirmed we made the right decision.

backyard flower

So as I sit in -9 C weather (-13C with windchill! LOL!) I thought I would share these cheery pictures from our back garden in November. This is my virtual walk through our garden. In a few weeks weather will be better and we can attempt the trip again.

backyard leaf

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9 Responses to Cheery Splashes of Island Color

  1. juliecrombe says:

    Great shot! Flowers are always such an interesting object to photograph!

  2. 5xgran says:

    A real day brightener on a cool and gloomy day.
    It makes me think spring will soon be here!

  3. wildsherkin says:

    Gorgeous images – and they give hope of times ahead, Deb. We popped down to our island home over the weekend. The high winds have taken their toll, with missing slates, water pouring into the bedroom, mysterious pools appearing on the ground floor and our very heavy picnic table and benches now residing half way down the field in front! P

    • Deb says:

      You must have been devastated to see what had happened to your home. Will the damage be covered by insurance? Has the weather calmed down a bit now? We saw some U.K. footage on the news the other night and it looked pretty bad.

      • wildsherkin says:

        Hi Deb,

        We won’t involve insurance as it will only put the premium up. My husband has mended the roof now and we have rescued our broken but repairable picnic bench! A downpipe and gutter had been ripped off too. Some islanders had a very frightening time so we got off very lightly really. The weather has calmed now, thank goodness, for the moment anyway. P

  4. Deb sorry you couldn’t make it to your island but you clearly did the right thing, I don’t know km very well so did a conversion to miles and it’s just under 710 which is about the same as I travel when I go to the south east of England to see my family and my ferry is 2hrs 40mins,

    love the little gems you had flowering in November, I would be like you and take a walk around the garden, weather permitting I do it when I come home from being away, mid February so spring shouldn’t be too long in coming now, Frances

    • Deb says:

      We definitely did the right thing. I keep watching highway closures, plus the avalanche that happened Saturday morning took a snowmobiler’s life. So sad. A dangerous winter we have had for sure.

      I’m curious. Where do you take the ferry from and where do you dock at? Are the ferries like BC Ferries? I’ve traveled a little in Scotland and my husband has done more. We’ve always loved it up there.

      • hello Deb, I take the Stornoway (island) to Ullapool (mainland) ferry, bus to Inverness, overnight bus to London (I’m on this bus for 13 hours), then train to where I am going, if to my son he meets me at the station but if to my Mum another bus, takes about 22 hours going down as close connections but coming home I have 2 unavoidable delays so it takes 26 hours, Frances

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