A Walk to Roe Lake – Pender Island, BC, Canada

We seem to be naturally attracted to going to beaches on Pender, perhaps it has become a habit, so we have been consciously trying to expand our horizons. We now have a map of walks, viewpoints and beach accesses that we keep in our vehicle so that we can keep our eye out for new things to try.

We decided to try the walk to Roe Lake, we didn’t really know what to expect but we thought we would give it a go.

walk to roe lake

It turned out that the walk to Roe Lake was a great walk. Nice and easy so that even our littlest had not troubles at all. The nice wide path treated us to a carpet of fallen leaves and the odd mushroom here and there.

fallen leaves

fallen leaves

When we reached the lake, even though it was an overcast winter day, the lake was still very scenic.

roe lake

roe lake

roe lake

We even managed to see some lily pads……..

lily pads

and what I swear looks like a tree chewed by a beaver.

beaver tree?

I didn’t think there were beavers on Pender Island, but who knows. It looks exactly like the chew marks we see on “beaver trees” in Alberta. Very interesting!

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3 Responses to A Walk to Roe Lake – Pender Island, BC, Canada

  1. looks beautiful Deb and very peaceful, I can imagine a lot of wildlife in summer, Frances

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