Checking Out The Boats

View of the boats at Poet's Cove, Pender Island, BC Canada

View of the boats at Poet’s Cove, Pender Island, BC Canada

A little while ago we were out for a drive on South Pender Island. We decided to take a little side trip and go down the road to the bottom of Poet’s Cove to take a good look at the view. As we reached the bottom we noticed our neighbor was there, so of course we decided to park and pop over and say “Hi”. It turned out that he was there to do some work on his boat and asked if we wanted to take a look. Of course the answer was yes.

walking the dock

looking at the boat at poet's coveThe kids had a great time walking down the docks looking at the boats and luckily no one fell in.

climbing on the boat

checking out the boat

Our oldest daughter just had to take a closer look and managed to have a personal tour of the boat.


boatIt is certainly a nice looking boat. Pretty cool to get an up close look.

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