View from North Pender

north pender view

We recently had a rainy time on the island. The day we arrived it was blowing a gale (literally….Environment Canada had the warning up and everything!) and we had periods with rain dashing down.

The travel and weather had clearly taken a toll on our children and we noticed an unusual silence from them  as we drove up the island to the hardware store from our home. A quick look over my shoulder revealed all five had gone to sleep. We took advantage of the rare opportunity of quiet and decided to drive around checking out our favorite viewpoints and taking pictures. This view is one of my husband’s favorites. Every time we pass it he slows down, checks out the view, and hopes to see a ferry sail by.

We had a very pleasant (and quiet) afternoon. As it started to get dark we headed for home with the children still asleep. We managed to sneak two of them into the house without waking them while the other three groggily walked into the house. At dinner time they complained that we didn’t do anything that day, only to be surprised with our reply that “We went and saw lots of things while you had a very long sleep.” I think they were surprised that their parents had had a day out without them.

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2 Responses to View from North Pender

  1. lesleycarter says:

    What an amazing shot! You can feel the depth.

    Bucket List Publications

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