Thanksgiving Dinner Island Style

Thanksgiving dinner 2013

 The Menu

– turkey
-pickled beets
-potato chips
-pumpkin muffins

Medicine Beach

The Location

Medicine Beach, Pender Island, British Columbia

Thanksgiving paddle

Post Dinner Activity

Kayaking in the sea.


About Deb

Photographer, artist and artisan splitting time between Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Check out my new project at , a site for Canadian handmades and art.
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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Dinner Island Style

  1. Very tempting menu and photographs – we’ll all be over next year’s Thanksgiving! The beautiful weather you had for Thanksgiving is continuing still.

    • Deb says:

      Just remember to bring your kayak!

      Glad to hear the weather is holding, we are back in under 2 weeks. I still want to plant one more tree (that’s if it is still at the hardware store!), so I am hoping for great weather in November.

  2. dadirri7 says:

    fantastic treat Deb … I thought of this, and how your kids will be our saviours

    • Deb says:

      Thank you so much for the link. Interesting some of it came from a U.K. perspective. When my husband and I lived in England we hiked all the time but most people focused their free time around watching Coronation Street and Eastenders.

      I truly think most children LOVE the outdoors and that their biggest detriment to access are the parents that won’t put down the remote, get off the couch and take a walk in the woods with their kids.

      (Stepping off soap box now! LOL!)

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