applesOne of the things I love about BC are the fruit trees. Apples. Plums. Peaches. Cherries. I can almost taste the fruit just typing the words. On Pender I have seen apple and plum trees, plus berries being grown. We in fact have a rather huge blackberry patch in the backyard; but blackberries aren’t exactly rare on Pender, they are everywhere. Every time I see an apple tree I think “I want to grow one.”. I even have a spot picked out. Then I stop to think of the deer eating the tree, the raccoons attacking it, building deer fencing and the dry conditions in the summer, and I quickly put the idea on the back burner. Perhaps come winter, when the rain has softened the ground, I will be more enthusiastic about digging a hole and planting a tree.

This image was taken just off Niagara Road on North Pender Island. Interestingly there is also a historic apple orchard not far away in the Port Washington area and it offers a farm stand where you can purchase their freshly picked fruit. Farm stands are a fabulous concept on Pender, it supports the local growers and allows you to eat local.

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