applesOne of the things I love about BC are the fruit trees. Apples. Plums. Peaches. Cherries. I can almost taste the fruit just typing the words. On Pender I have seen apple and plum trees, plus berries being grown. We in fact have a rather huge blackberry patch in the backyard; but blackberries aren’t exactly rare on Pender, they are everywhere. Every time I see an apple tree I think “I want to grow one.”. I even have a spot picked out. Then I stop to think of the deer eating the tree, the raccoons attacking it, building deer fencing and the dry conditions in the summer, and I quickly put the idea on the back burner. Perhaps come winter, when the rain has softened the ground, I will be more enthusiastic about digging a hole and planting a tree.

This image was taken just off Niagara Road on North Pender Island. Interestingly there is also a historic apple orchard not far away in the Port Washington area and it offers a farm stand where you can purchase their freshly picked fruit. Farm stands are a fabulous concept on Pender, it supports the local growers and allows you to eat local.


About Deb

Photographer, artist and artisan splitting time between Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Check out my new project at , a site for Canadian handmades and art.
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