Painting on the Beach – Bridges Road, Pender Island, BC

bridges road, pender island. bcSunshine and blue sky made for a lovely afternoon at Bridges Road (Pender Island, BC, Canada). Sand, sea, islands in the distance. The scenery called out to be painted, so I took up the brush and did just that.

painting at bridges road, pender islandThe kids played happily on the beach. Our oldest daughter wandered about looking for “things”. The two youngest built sand castles with Daddy.

sandcastlesThe big boys played a version of beach baseball. This sounds cool but is actually kind of dangerous. It amounts to hitting rocks into the sea using driftwood as a bat. Sometimes a rock goes astray (which is scary enough) but even worse, sometimes the “bat” cracks in half and chunks of wood go flying everywhere. This “sport” has now been banished to the far ends of beaches far, far, far away from the other beach goers.

beach baseballWith everyone content I was able to settle in and paint. The heat meant I had to work fast as the paint was drying instantly.

painting on the beachThis time I worked on a teeny 8 inch by 10 inch canvas. I usually don’t work on a canvas this small but it seems to make a lot of sense for on location painting.

the painting and the viewThe painting was finished in just a smidge over an hour. Another quick, impromptu painted sketch that captures the moment of sitting on the beach on a hot summer’s day.

" Bridges Road, Pender Island (August 2013) "

” Bridges Road, Pender Island (August 2013) “
8 inches by 10 inches
acrylic on canvas

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3 Responses to Painting on the Beach – Bridges Road, Pender Island, BC

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  2. Stunning scenery and beautiful painting. Love both.

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