Trincomali View – Pender Island, BC, Canada

trincomali view, pender island, bcThis view is one of the stopping points on our neighborhood walk that we do almost daily when we are on the island. It is in the Trincomali area, which is the most southern portion of North Pender Island. The viewpoint is accessed by an unmarked pathway which makes for a very lightly used area. It is one of those places you just kind of find out about.

trincomali view, pender island, bcThe view is similar to that of the walk at Oak Bluffs, but without having to climb switch back after switch back of stairs. In a way it kind of feels like you are cheating; being able to see the same beautiful view without any real physical exertion (and I will admit, since we found the viewpoint we haven’t returned to walk Oak Bluffs…..I guess I need to stop taking the easy way out!) . And if easy access isn’t enough, a bench is also provided for your viewing pleasure. Really, it can’t get any better.

tree, at trincomali view, pender island, bc

I just couldn’t resist shooting the dead tree on this particular day. Thanks to the deep blue sky and the sun in exactly the right place, the image of the tree made for a perfect silhouette.

This is a lovely little spot, and we are so lucky to have it just around the corner.

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