Starvation Bay – Pender Island, BC

starvation bay, pender island, bcRecently I have taken a ton of pictures of Pender Island, in fact almost too many. As I sat down to look for images for this blog post I had no idea where to start; literally thousands and thousands of images shot in the last few weeks. In the end I decided to share one of our “locals”. This is Starvation Bay. Amazingly, it almost always looks this beautiful. It is a beautiful spot any time of day, but my favorite is at low tide. The rock pools are filled with amazing finds once the water recedes.

The view from Starvation Bay to the resort at Poet's Cove.

The view from Starvation Bay to the resort at Poet’s Cove.

An additional feature of this location is that it has a view across to the Poet’s Cove resort. The resort has a steady flow of float planes taking off and boats coming and going; lots to watch for sure.

starvation bay, pender island, bcOn this particular day we were lucky enough to view a bit of wildlife; sea cucumbers (my favorite…I know it is a bit weird!), star fish, bald eagles (they are almost always at this location) and a seal. The seal even “talked” to us before swimming away; now our three-year old knows what sound a seal makes.

This is a beautiful beach and well worth visiting if you have the chance.

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4 Responses to Starvation Bay – Pender Island, BC

  1. westiedad says:

    Stunning! Brings back memories of visits to the Canadian cousins on Gambier.

  2. So beautiful! I can see why you and your family love to explore the beach.

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