Sunshine and Sea – Peter Cove North, Pender Island

peter cove north, pender islandPeter Cove North is tucked away at the southern tip of North Pender Island in a neighborhood known as Trincomali. We visit this beach often as it is one of our “locals”, being a 4-6 minute mostly downhill walk to the beach (depending on the toddler’s walking speed for the day). This location always seems a bit tropical to me. The color of the water is always a beautiful blue and the cove is framed by trees. The larger rocks are fun for climbing on at low tide, and there are tidal pools to explore.peter cove north, pender island

View to Peter Cove South.

View to Peter Cove South.

The above picture shows the view to Peter Cove South which is on the opposite side of the cove. This is the second of three beaches which are just a couple of minutes walk from each other. This area makes for a fabulous diversion if you are into running. At low tide you can run down the beach access steps at Peter Cove North, run along the beach, do a small scramble over the rocks (to the right of the picture), then continue along the beach of Peter Cove South, followed by continuing up the beach access path at Peter Cove South. From here you rejoin the road. The only downside to this run is once you reach Peter Cove South it is ALL uphill on the way home.

peter cove north, pender islandthistleThis is such a pretty little spot. I am always amazed it is located so close to “home”.

peter cove north, pender island

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2 Responses to Sunshine and Sea – Peter Cove North, Pender Island

  1. amatterofinstinct says:

    !!! I don’t even know what to say, this is so beautiful.

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